Yoko Taro Wrote the Original Draft for New Anime Kamierabi

Video game developer Yoko Taro announced his involvement in a new anime series titled Kamierabi GOD.app. The show was announced through a teaser trailer released by Fuji TV. In addition to having Yoko Taro as the writer of the initial draft, JIN will be in charge of writing the final script, with manga artist Atsushi Ohkubo in charge of character designs and Hiroyuki Seshita of animation studio UNEND directing it. Kamierabi GOD.app is set to release in October 2023 in Japan.

Manga artist Atsushi Ohkubo is well known for being the creator of Soul Eater, while Hiroyuki Seshita was the director of the Knights of Sidonia anime. Meanwhile, JIN was the original creator for Kagerou Project. In addition to these creators, the music production studio MONACA will be in charge of composing the soundtrack for the series.

Fuji TV also shared a key visual art, alongside the teaser trailer. The caption reads “God, the world is also going crazy today.” You can check out the teaser trailer and key visual for Kamierabi here:

Yoko Taro confirmed his involvement as the original script writer for Kamierabi through his Twitter account. However, the confirmation is accompanied by moment when the Japanese creator got a bit lost in translation. Instead of claiming that he wrote the “base story,” Yoko Taro mistakenly claimed that he made a “based story,” which is a commonly used slang to describe something of extremely good quality. Many Twitter users quickly intervened to help him convey his message better. You can check out the fun interaction below.

In other news related to the Japanese developer, 404 Game RE:SET is Sega and Yoko Taro’s new mobile game, which involves purifying classic Sega games to restore the world to balance.

Kamierabi GOD.app is scheduled to release sometime in October 2023 in Japan.

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