Wuthering Waves: When the Forest is No Longer Dim quest guide

One of the few Exploration Quests available to you in Wuthering Waves is When the Forest is No Longer Dim, and this quest guide will show you how to complete some of the intricate puzzles along the way.

When the Forest is No Longer Dim quest guide in Wuthering Waves

You’ll first pick this quest up from the anxious researcher in Jinzhou who’s standing near the Synthesizer. After that, you’ll be instructed to head over to the Dim Forest. Speak to Qiaomu who is imprisoned in a locked cage and grab the key hidden in a trailer just a few feet away.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once rescued, Qiaomu will introduce you to HooHoo, one of the uncontaminated Tacet Discords who works with Qiaomu. You must venture into the contaminated zone and along this quest, you’ll slowly decontaminate it.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

After rescuing one of the researchers you’ll head to the first contaminated zone to clear it of any poisons.

First contamination zone

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