Wuthering Waves Roseshroom Variant location

Earning trophies in Wuthering Waves is a great way to get some extra Astrite to bring you one step closer to your next pull, but not every achievement has a helpful description. The Plants vs Zombie Roseshroom trophy requires you to defeat a Roseshroom Variant, but it doesn’t give you an exact location.

Thankfully, the Roseshroom Variant is easy to find and located near multiple fast travel points so it’s easily accessible. The achievement states that it can be found in the Port City of Guixu, but that’s a huge region with a lot of ground to cover. If you just want to get the Plants vs Zombie Roseshroom trophy as quickly as possible, keep reading to learn where to find the Roseshroom Variant.

How to Get the Plants vs Zombie Roshshroom Trophy in Wuthering Waves

The Roseshroom Variant can be found between Donglu Research Station and the Sea of Flames on the western edge of the map. Just teleport to the Resonance Beacon south of Donglu Research Station and head …

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