Wuthering Waves energy types, explained: Concerto, Resonance Liberation, Special

Wuthering Waves has three unique energy types that come into play when you’re engaging in combat, but what do they all mean? I’ll explain the differences between Concerto, Resonance Liberation, and Special Energy in Wuthering Waves.

All energy types in Wuthering Waves, explained

Energy in Wuthering Waves is a resource that Resonators require to enact specific combat actions. There are three types of energy you need to learn about, which are Concerto Energy, Resonance Liberation Energy, and Special Energy. Each energy type is unique and they all matter in their own ways when it comes to the Resonator you’re using in combat.

Concerto Energy

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Concerto Energy in Wuthering Waves is the energy that Resonators use to trigger their Outro and Intro skills. When charged up, Intro skills are used by the character you switch to, and Outro skills are used by the character you’re controlling as soon as they switch out.

To enact your c…

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