World champions change sport

First they became world champions in Valorant, now they want to win titles in Counter-Strike! Two top players are switching sports within G2 Esports and founding a new team.

Whether Valorant or Counter-Strike, the main thing is titles!

After the players Zainab “Zaaz” Turkie and Julia “Juliano” Kiran managed to win the world title in Valorant together with G2 Esports, both now want to try it in Counter-Strike as well. Without further ado, it was decided to put both players into a new CSGO roster and to fill it up with more female pros.


– G2 Esports (@G2esports) March 7, 2023

Make two into three: G2 Oya, G2 Gozen and G2 Hel

This means that the Berlin-based eSports company now has three all-female eSports teams, which, in addition to Valorant and League of Legends, will also be hunting for trophies in Counter-Strike in the future. The League of Legends roster is known as G2 Hel, while the CSGO division operates under G2 Oya. In Valorant, the name is G2 Gozen.

Both Julia “Juliano” Kiran and Zainab “Zaaz” Turkie were part of the legendary roster of G2 Gozen that won the grand final of the Valorant GameChangers tournament last year. In the final, the team of Juliano and Zaaz defeated the competition of Shopify Rebellion GC and secured a total prize money of 180. 000 US dollars. According to Statista this victory catapultedJuliano directly into the top 10 most financially successful female eSports players currently.

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