Why Neymar is suddenly pissed at Valve – These top stars are looking down the tube at CS2

The Limited Test Beta for Counter-Strike 2 has begun, but some familiar faces are surprisingly not there. These stars can only watch CS2 so far

Counter-Strike 2 is on everyone’s lips after Valve showed the official announcement yesterday and started the Limited Test Beta. However, some Counter-Strike celebs are still on the outside looking in.

Everyone on the hunt for the Limited Test Beta

After all the hype surrounding Counter-Strike 2 rumours, the time has finally come: the Source 2 port is here and even comes with a rebranding for CS:GO to Counter-Strike 2. With the start of the Limited Test Beta before the official release this summer, all CS players are trying to get access somehow.

But it’s not just the CS scene that’s on the hunt for the keys. Counter-Strike 2 has made such big waves that even world stars like Brazilian football icon Neymar are desperate for beta access.

manda pro pai o CS2 @counterstrike
Nunca te pedi nada

– Neymar Jr (@neymarjr) March 22, 2023

In his distress, the PSG star simply tweeted, “Send me CS2 @counterstrike. I’ve never asked you for anything before “

Even streaming star xQc is looking down the tube so far. But for the Canadian, it really wasn’t down to chance, but simply his forgetfulness. While he was watching fellow streamer tarik play CS2, he noticed that Valve had probably tried to offer him the beta three times, but he had simply ignored the developers in his DMs

Also CS:GO sizes affected

The celebrities of the CS:GO world are not exempt from the lack of luck in random selection. Even two players from the best team in the world at the moment, G2, didn’t have access in the first wave

Neither HooXi nor m0NESY could start playing right away and had to watch the rest of their friends play the Counter-Strike 2 beta.

All my friends are playing CS2, besides me and @G2m0NESY @CounterStrike Pleaseeeee

– RasmusPallisgaardNielsen (@HooXiCSGO) March 22, 2023

Besides the pros, other well-known names of the CS:GO scene such as skin guru OhnePixel or content creator WarOwl were also caught before Valve probably gave them access after all.

I did not get access to the limited beta. I understand I’m not owed anything, but this is my career, I’ve spent over 10 years covering CS:GO, and without access I cannot do my job, I’m screwed.

– WarOwl (@TheWarOwl) March 22, 2023

Hope dies last

Access to the Limited Test Beta is not limited to the first wave only, so you can keep hoping if you haven’t gotten access yet.

At least shared misery with other pros, streamers and influencers is only half the misery.

watching my teammates play cs2 pic.twitter.com/4SENQ11cyv

– Helvijs (@broky) March 22, 2023

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