Who are Your Favorite Fate Series Servants?

The Fate series is huge, with games, anime adaptations, and all sorts of spin-offs, which means lots of characters and servants. It might get overwhelming! But it also means there’s always somebody to root for. We figured let’s talk about all the Fate servants we feel are the best and why they’re our favorites.

Man, there have been so many really good Fate Servants that it’s hard to choose just one. Do I choose the OG Rider Medusa because she was my fave from even before I knew Fate/Stay Night existed? Do I choose Ishtar, because she’s the Servant version of Fate alum and Objectively Best Girl Rin Tohsaka? Or do I choose the original Saberface, Altria (or Arthuria, or Artoria, depending on which side of the war you’re on)? It’s impossible to pick just one!

Except it isn’t impossible, because as a loyal adherent to the ideology of Jalterism, I pick Jeanne d’Arc Alter, patron saint of Doing Whatever Jalter Wants. — Josh

Fate has a lot of iconic characters, but my heart belongs to King Hassan, or “Gramps” as the community calls him. An unconventional Assassin design, some truly wild story moments and Jouji Nakata’s intimidating baritone all add up to servant worth whaling for. Also, he’s just a really interesting historical figure. Doko Da! — Elliot

While I think there are characters with much better and more striking designs, I love Lancer/Cu Chulainn the most and think he’s the best Fate servant. He’s a practical character and quite strong! He’s got a good personality! His thoughts on Scathach can be quite funny! It is a little unnerving how many animals he considers viable food sources, but still. This lancer is a good dude.

Though if we’re just going by character design, then Sei Shounagon is definitely the best Fate/ servant in my opinion. The color scheme is so striking!

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