Which Wuthering Waves store bundles are worth it?

Materials are very hard to come by in Wuthering Waves, and the daily Waveplate limit makes farming upgrade materials frustratingly slow. The game sells special bundles for real money in the store so you can bypass these restrictions, but are any of them even worth it?

Since Wuthering Waves is a gacha game, it’s only natural that it tries to squeeze money out of you at every opportunity. The store bundles are one of the most egregious examples of this, offering you a small handful of XP for your Resonators and equipment for a few real-world dollars. You can even spend as much as you would for 5-star characters solely on Shell Credits and other items that you can get just by playing the game, so what’s the deal with these Wuthering Waves store bundles?

Should You Buy Store Bundles in Wuthering Waves?

There are five store bundles available for purchase in the Special Offers section of the Wuthering Waves store.

Traveler’s EXP Aid

Sage’s EXP Support

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