Where to find skill books in Starfield

While you have a wealth of skills to choose from and upgrade in Starfield, picking up skill books lets you add a variety of permanent buffs to certain skills. Unlike other loot, skill books are some of the fixed items that can be found in Starfield’s sprawling universe, so here are all the books I’ve found so far and what bonuses they give you.

Constellation Guide

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Issue 01

Location: This can be found at The Lodge on the counter next to the Artifact station. Buff: Permanently decreases fall damage amount by 5%.

Issue 04 

Location: Found on the table next to chairs in the waiting room on The Clinic space station at Deepala in the Narion system.Buff: Permanently use 15% less oxygen while moving when over-encumbered.

Mining Monthly

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Issue 05

Location: Found on Tau Ceti 6-a mining complex. Buff: Permanent increases tool-grip weapon damage by an additional 2%.

Issue 07 

Location: Head to the residential area on Cydonia then to the mining section. In the canteen area, you’ll find this on a table. Buff: You get a permanent increase in tool-grip weapon damage by 2%.

Issue 10 

Location: Inside Deserted Robotics Lab on Bessel 2 in the Cafeteria breakroom. Buff: This book will permanently increase tool-grip weapon damage by 2%.

Combatech Catalogs

Issue 05 

Location: This can be found on Procyon III at the spacer camp near Forgotten Mech Graveyard. Buff: Slightly increases the range and accuracy of Combatech weapons.

Peak Performance

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Issue 01 

Location: Found on The Eye space station orbiting Jemison. It’s in the Physical Training Room on the counter. Buff: Increases carrying capacity by 5G.

Va’Ruun Scripture

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Scripture 4 

Location: Found in Eren’s Camp on Hyla 2 in the Hyla system, located on the top floor of the camp as part of Andreja’s personal quest, Divided Loyalties. Buff: Permanently increase sneak bonus by 1% and melee sneak attack damage by 5%.

Scripture 8 

Location: Found on Sirius 3-a in an abandoned hangar ahead of the launch pad. Before reaching the building, you can free two robots and set them to friend mode who will join your fight.Buff: Permanent increase to sneak bonus by 1% and melee sneak attack damage by 5%.

UC Defense Manual

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Manual 2 

Location: Found on The Den in Chthonia in the Wolf system.Buff: Slight increase in magazine size and weapon bash critical for all Allied Armaments guns.

Gunslinger’s Guide

Guide 1 

Location: On the third floor of Freestar Collective HQ at top of the stairs outside the Marshal’s office.Buff: Permanently reload and draw Laredo Weapons faster

Tracker’s Alliance Preparedness Primer

Primer 02 

Location: Found on Indum II, Pilgrim’s Rest, inside the Pilgrim’s locked room during the main Unity quest. Look for it on the counter by the window.Buff: Permanently increases EM weapon damage by 5%

Primer 05 

Location: Found on a bedside table when you go to fix the comms inside the Argos Extractor’s Mining Outpost on Vectera.Buff: Permanently increases EM weapon damage by 5%.

Nova Galactic

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Manual 2

Location: Found in Nova Galactic Staryard.Buff: Permanent reduction of fuel needed for grav jump by 1%

Kryx’s journal entry

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Entry 01

Location: Found on a crate to the left of the room just before you rescue Barrett.Buff: Store prices are permanently reduced by 2% and you permanently sell items for 2% more (on top of any other bonuses).


(Image credit: Bethesda)

Issue 06

Location: Found on Aranae 1 at deserted ecliptic garrison in a building opposite where you land upstairs.Buff: Ballistic weapons permanently do 5% more crit damage.

Issue 07

Location: Found in the Abandoned Cryo Lab on Niira in the Narion system.Buff: Ballistic weapons permanently do 5% more crit damage.

Soloman’s Adventures

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Solomon’s adventures 01

Location: Found in Coe estate in the bedroom on the table during The Empty Nest questline. Buff: Gives  you a permanent increase to weapon damage at night by 5%.

Solomon’s adventures 05

Location: Altair 3-b abandoned mineral refinery living quarters. Buff: Permanently add 5% to melee weapon critical damage.

Cyber Runner’s Cipher

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Cipher 01 

Location: Slayton Aerospace on the coffee table to the left of reception. Buff: Adds a bankable auto-attempt for hacking.

Cipher 04

Location: On Neon, at the Hotel Volii, in your room if you rent for a day. Buff: Laser weapons permanently do 5% more crit damage. 

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