What’s your favourite PS1-demake game?

As a staunch Nintendo head in the early console days, I would say my affection for PS1-era games is… present, but not particularly palpable. For me, the PlayStation One was mostly a machine to play Final Fantasies VII through IX on, and not much else (it was a very belated and cheap second-hand purchase, I should note, and games were still sufficiently expensive back then that maintaining two healthy game libraries for both the family N64 and my new Squall box was nigh on impossible). Nevertheless, I’ve been increasingly fascinated by the revival of PS1-era games in recent years, and it’s been interesting to see which modern games have been “demade” in this style – see Bloodborne PSX – and which ones have made it their own from the off – see Signalis, Heartworm, and many others.

Crow Country is the latest game I’ve seen to take up the PSX mantle, and it combines the chunkiness of Final Fantasy VII-style character models with the grimy survival horror of something like Resident Evil to brilliant effect. Made by SFB Games, the same devs wot made the also excellent Tangle Tower, it’s currently got a very good demo up on Steam at the moment, and it’s got me thinking: what do you like most about PS1-era games on PC, and which ones are your all-time favs?

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