What Does Beating Bayonetta Origins Unlock?

After beating Bayonetta Origins, people don’t unlock a new game plus, but they do get a clear save and a number of other bonus features. Immediately after the end credits, message appears to explain your Completion Bonus. In addition to the clear save, people get the ability to use costumes, play a Jeanne’s Tale side-story, and select an additional difficulty option for a new Bayonetta’s Origin game.

Following the Completion Bonus method, people who finished beating Bayonetta Origins get to choose which save file the clear save will go into and save. Once you do, you can access it and start collecting items you missed. If you go to a lantern, the save menu now lets you select a costume in addition to concocting or revisiting a Tir na Nog challenge. There are nine costumes for Cereza to earn, and five for Cheshire. The one earned for beating the game is The Right Eye.

The new difficulty level is called Forbidden Tale. A player will only unlock and be able to select it when you start a new game after beating Bayonetta Origins.

As for the Bayonetta Origins Jeanne’s Tale story, it can be accessed via the main menu. Scroll down to Extras and select it. This will let you choose between Jeanne’s Tale or This Story’s Creators to see the credits. There are no traditional saves for this story, with it auto-saving at certain spots instead.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon is available for the Nintendo Switch. A demo is available.

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