Weekend Funnies Wrap-up

Gaming the Funny Pages – part two

Last weekend we noted Joe Wos playing games. This weekend it was Jef Mallett.

© Jef Mallett

Don’t know if Jef knows of a comics page with Overboard right below Frazz, but in Mallett’s neighborhood (the northern mid-west) there is The Fond du Lac Reporter where the hummus could have slid down the middle Peanuts gutter onto the Revenge.

© respective copyright owners

Featuring Special Guest Star

© respective copyright owners

Prickly City, Looks Good on Paper, Mike Luckovich, and Steve Kelley (the feature image) all have cameos.

Since We’ve Strayed into Political Territory…

© GEC, Inc.

I wonder if this past week’s Luann was allowed in Florida schoolrooms?

“Old” Movies are from the Black and White Era

© Gerry Rassmussen and Gary Delainey

I understand Betty and Bub are younger than than I am, but “old movies” are Way Out West. Casablanca, King Kong. Stuff way before the 1980s.

More About 1980s Movies

© Todd Clark

Lola yesterday brings this up. It was in some movie about cornfields (Children of the Corn?) when I first heard the phrase “have a catch.” We “played catch” or went out to “play some catch.” Is “have a catch” regional?

Young Hearts Turn to Poetry with the Advent of Spring

Some Silly

Bizarro by Dan Piraro © Bizarro Studios

Some Sweet

The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee © John Hambrock and Anne Morse-Hambrock

Some in Silence

Sally Forth by Marciuliano and Keefe © King Features Syndicate

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