Warside Blasts Onto Kickstarter With Advance Wars-Inspired Turn-Based Tactics

“Warside is the game we have waited for”.

Last year, we covered Warside, a turn-based tactics game which sees you command a cute little pixelated army, which is due to come to Switch in 2023. It gave us major Advance Wars vibes. And today, developer Lavabird Games is finally launching the game’s Kickstarter today!

Looking to capture the spirit of the classic turn-based tactics genre so popular with Intelligent Systems’ series and “evolve” it further. Tactics fans have really been spoilt for choice over the last 12 months, from strategy RPGs to even the return of Advance Wars coming in April. But that hasn’t deterred Lavabird. If anything, it’s spurred them on, as per the press release:

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