Voms Project Vtuber Amano Pikamee Will Graduate in March

Voms Project announced Amano Pikamee will graduate as a Vtuber on March 31, 2023. The end of her activities also means all of her videos will be made private. Her social media will be shut down. In addition, any merchandise featuring her will no longer be sold. She also shared a video going over the announcement.

Here is Voms Project’s official statement on Pikamee’s graduation. It doesn’t go into detail explaining exactly why she will no longer be performing. It only noted that the goal is to make her departure a positive one. It also mentioned the Voms Park third anniversary pop-up and its merchandise, which also featured her, will be sold as planned.

Important Notice pic.twitter.com/oASH3igb6k

— VOMS Project (@VOMS_Project) March 1, 2023

Here is Pikamee’s announcement video going over the decision to graduate from Voms Project.

The performer debuted back in March 2020. She’s one of three of Voms Project original Vtubers. The other two are Hikasa Tomoshika and Jitomi Monoe. However, Monoe graduated in February 2021. As the company’s Haneuzu Miuneru and Daimonji Ryugon debuted in October 2021, the group will be down to only three Vtubers again by the end of the month.

Amano Pikamee will graduate from Voms Project on March 31, 2023, at which point her social media and YouTube channel will go dark and merchandise will no longer be sold.

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