Top 20 Best Minecraft 1.20.2 Seeds for September 2023

While the 1.20.1 update for Minecraft‘s Trails and Tales update focused on fixing some major bugs in the official release, the new 1.20 version added a few important features. One of them is a new and rebalanced village trading system, which will make the process much easier for younger players. That’s why this month we will provide you with a lot of villages in our selection of the top 20 Minecraft seeds for September 2023.

Top 20 Best Seeds List for Minecraft 1.20.2

Seed: 6943313000000016

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Spawn: 50, 50

Biomes: Plains, Ocean

Having a double island village at spawn is always nice, especially when one of them has a blacksmith. Although this seed isn’t perfect (as one of the villages is abandoned), it’s easy to fix by setting up a line of torches to keep the zombies away from the normal villagers.

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