Top 15 Minecraft House Designs and Ideas

Building the perfect Minecraft house is never easy. With so many creative options packed into the game, it’s easy for your imagination to run wild. You can stretch that freedom even more by using mods to further personalize your seed and homes. In that case, you may be wondering about the Top 15 best Minecraft house designs and ideas to kickstart the building process.

15 Best Minecraft House Designs

The Simple all Wood House

This Minecraft house design made by Folli on YouTube is a staple. If you’re starting out in a seed, your first house will be made with dirt, cobblestone, or wood. As the game goes on, you’ll add more to your home as your needs for storage and more grow. Wood comes in many shapes and sizes in Minecraft, which gives you a lot of options when adding new pieces to your home. Trees are plentiful, so there’s never a shortage of lumber to expand your house.

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