The Fabelmans True Story: How Accurate It Is To Spielberg’s Childhood

Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans true story is based on his own childhood and introduction to filmmaking in post-war America. Told through the eyes of the fictionalized Sammy Fabelman, representing a young Spielberg, the movie focuses primarily on how the filmmaker’s family circumstances, particularly his parents’ divorce, impacted his journey to the iconic director he became. Featuring an impressive cast including Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, and Seth Rogen, this is certainly Spielberg’s most personal and emotional movie yet. Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans ended up snagging a Golden Globe this year for the Best Motion Picture Drama category, and Best Director for Spielberg. Following it’s Globes success, Spielberg’s The Fabelmans is now up for 7 Oscars at the 95th Academy Awards.

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