The best game ever? Shroud and Sacriel develop open-world survival game

Shroud, Scariel and Splash Damage have been pursuing a goal together for 2 years: to create the best game ever. Has the time come?

Project Astrid is the name of the project with which the two Twitch streamers Shroud and Sacriel want to create a brand new AAA game together with the developers from Splash Damage.

Both have years of professional experience in the shooter and survival field and want to finally breathe life into their ideas.

“We want to create something completely new “

Shroud and Sacriel have been brainstorming together for a long time, just looking for a way to put them into a game.

Splash Damage, which has already developed several maps for Counter-Strike or games like Gears of War 4, Brink or Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, was probably already in the process of creating a game that took up features of Shroud’s and Sacriel’s ideas – that’s how the three parties came together.

The experiences of Splash and the two streamers are to be mixed and from this the development studio now wants to “create something completely new”.

It’s finally happening…

We’re making a game.

– Michael Grzesiek (@shroud) March 16, 2023

What does Shroud contribute to the development?

The shooter pro emphasises that gunplay is extremely important in a survival shooter. He pays special attention to how the weapons behave in terms of ballistics and recoil.

In addition, he sprinkles in all his wild ideas and marvels at what is possible.

The collaboration, according to Splash Damage, ensures they can create something completely new – “hopefully it’s a ‘1 in 1,000,000’ game,” said developer Lance Winter.

What do we already know about ‘Project Astrid’?

In a (Livestream), Shroud and Sacriel talked more about the collaboration. They have been working with Splash Damage on the open-world survival game since 2021, two years ago.

The game is also based on the Unreal Engine 5.

But they had to keep quiet about the release date, they are not allowed to say anything yet. So we can be curious when the first official trailer for the game will drop.

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