Street Fighter Voice Actor Records Ryu from Streets Video

Aleks Le helped a Street Fighter meme come to life. He arranged for Street Fighter voice actor Kyle Hebert to appear and record the lines from “Ryu from Streets.” 

For those unaware, the Street Fighter meme jokes about Ryu, his likes, and hype for Street Fighter V. The recreation here is accompanied by an animated avatar of Ryu.

Here’s Hebert recreating “Ryu from Streets.”

This is the script for the session:

Hey there, everybody. This is Ryu from Streets. Did you know my favorite things are jumping into Light Fierce, stale bread, water without any ice, the newest season of The Simpsons, and dirt. See you in Street Fighter V, everybody!

This isn’t the first time Street Fighter Luke voice actor Aleks Le arranged such a thing. Back in May 2023, he recorded a similar video called “Luke from Streets” that mimicked the meme.

In addition to the appearance of this joke, there’s more serious news tied to the series. Good Smile Company announced it is making new figures of Chun-Li and Juri based on their appearances in Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 is available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC, and the arcade version will come to Japan in 2023.

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