Starfield review: surely, the best Starfield game you’ll ever play

Brought to you by the teeming brains behind Snake Cave and Eat Shit With Divine, Starfield is an experience of almost bewildering scale that defies easy summary, but I will do my best. In this much-anticipated sci-fi action epic, you step into the spaceboots of Prince Starfield, a fully customisable, unvoiced protagonist who must battle a cosmic menace in the course of a familiar, but thrillingly woven narrative with unabashed political dimensions.

Not to be confused with NickTitle’s rather more contemplative game of the same name, to say nothing of Kenneth Nietfeld’s swashbuckling romance Rick Starfield: Hero of Space and Time, or indeed Starfield from Graek Tarmikos, an avant garde reinterpretation of Breakout, joeAmerica Gayms’ Starfield is a straightforward but engrossing blend of action and customisation elements. It’s the same heady brew of role-playing possibilities we’ve come to expect from the resourceful creator of Abandoned Bog.

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