Starfield: How to Steal Enemy Ships

You can steal almost any ship in Starfield, from the pirates of the Crimson Fleet and the Ecliptic to the Freestar Rangers and UC Security. As long as the ship isn’t already completely inoperable, it’s yours for the taking, should you have the desire (and are okay with a taking on a bounty for fighting friendlies). Every time you commandeer a vessel, you might end up with something better than your current vessel, or perhaps something good for later a sale, for little to no cost. Here’s how.

How to Steal Enemy Ships in Starfield

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If you want to steal enemy ships in Starfield, you first need to find them. There’s a dedicated strategy to doing so, but you’ll also encounter them as you explore. You can also simply travel from planet to planet in various systems until you encounter a group of hostiles. This process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes in systems at or around your level.

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