Starfield: All Factions Overview Guide

There are any number of organizations, known as factions, that you can join in Starfield. Whether your idea of a good time is becoming a space pirate or a space cowboy, there’s a group for you. You do have the ability to join all the major factions at once, but you’ll need some fancy footwork to keep them all happy. If you’re wondering what they’re all about, or looking for the next one you want to sign up for, here’s all the information you should know about Starfield factions.

All Factions in Starfield

All Major Factions


Constellation is an explorers group and the only faction that you can’t decline joining. As the catalyst for the main story of Starfield, it’d be pretty hard to not be a member. You also meet all the characters you can romance through Constellation. While they don’t necessarily butt heads with any of the other factions, they do still have standards they like to abide by.

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