Soo-Ji and Woo-Ri Episode 24 Recap & Spoilers: Hahm Eun-Jung Gets a Huge Opportunity

Hahm Eun-Jung in Soo-Ji and Woo-Ri (Photo Credit: KBS)

Soo-Ji and Woo-Ri episode 24 aired on Friday, April 27, 2024. KBS1’s ongoing daily drama is garnering a lot of views from its fans. Starring Hahm Eun-Jung and Baek Sung-Hyun as the leads, it is a rom-com drama.

The storyline so far has introduced all the characters and shown their dynamics. The narrative revolves around Jin Soo-Ji’s (Hahm Eun-Jung) life. She is a celebrity psychiatrist, but she also deals with childhood trauma and abandonment issues. However, she never compromises anything related to her work. On the other hand, there is Chae Woo-Ri (Baek Sung-Hyun), who is a rookie doctor and is known for his wit and compassion. In the last episode, Soo-Ji gets a huge opportunity. Does she take it?

Soo-Ji and Woo-Ri episode 24: Kang Byul is unhappy

The episode begins with a commotion at Woo-Ri’s place between Sun Young and Woo Chang’s sister. The next scene shows Soo-Ji arriving on a scooter to meet a schoolgirl. She brings her to the broadcasting office to make her meet with her mother. However, this meeting leads to more complications. Meanwhile, Woo-Ri worries about Dr. Jin and calls Han Hyun-Sung to pick Soo-Ji up from the broadcasting office. For those unaware, Soo-Ji and Hyun-Sung are dating now.

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Meanwhile, Jin Soo-Ji gets a call from the broadcasting office and gets a huge opportunity. She gets a one-million-dollar contract. In the meantime, Jin Na-Young (Kang Byul) also gets to know about this contract, and she spies on Soo-Ji. Later, she goes to Soo-Ji’s hospital to confront her. Na-Young blames everything on her, and in a commotion, she pushes Dr. Jin down the stairs. Thankfully, Woo-Ri saves her.

This creates an embarrassing situation for Jin Na-Young. On the other hand, a video is going viral from the day when the debt collectors came to the Haedeul hospital to sue Jin Soo-Ji. However, not many people know about this for now.

Keep watching Soo-Ji and Woo-Ri on KBS from Monday to Friday at 8:30 p.m. KST.

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