Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Revolver

In Sons of the Forest, the method for how to get the Revolver requires you to have the Shovel. Because of this, you’ll have to complete what might feel like a scavenger hunt across the island to gather items before you can consider heading to the Revolver’s location.

How to Get the Revolver in Sons of the Forest

The location of the Revolver is circled on the map below.

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As you get closer to it, you’ll also see that it has a marker on your GPS Tracker, which can help guide you as well.

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Once you arrive, you’ll find equipment around a dirt patch on the ground. Pull out your Shovel and start digging in the area.

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It won’t take long to unveil the metal for the entrance hatch of Maintenance C. Head inside.

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Maintenance C isn’t too big, and the Revolver can be found in the first room you come across. It’s a room that was never finished, and one of the worker’s is still inside, albeit dead. The Revolver is right next to him. Pick it up, and you have another gun in your arsenal.

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Depending on the enemies you’re facing, ranged weapons can be especially useful. You can even give a few guns to Virginia for help fighting. To do this, check our Sons of the Forest guides for how to befriend Virginia or how to find the Pistol for even more guns.

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