Song of Memories Switch Visual Novel Arriving After All

The once-canceled Song of Memories Switch visual novel is going to appear on the platform. Pre-orders opened on the eShop for the game, which is set to launch on March 23, 2023. While PQube was going to handle its release back when it was supposed to debut in 2018, Future Tech Lab is behind it now. It will be $28.99, though there is a 10% pre-order discount in effect knocking the price down to $26.09 until launch day.

Song of Memories is a romantic visual novel about six girls who are capable of performing music to help fight back against a virus. It is known for having 30 songs performed by the heroines. The Switch version of Song of Memories was canceled in January 2019. At the time, PQube noted it couldn’t “be brought to a functioning level of quality.”

This makes the third platform the visual novel with rhythm game and light RPG elements is available on. It first showed up on the PC. A PlayStation 4 port followed. At the moment, the version on Steam is temporarily 70% off until March 23, 2023. It’s $11.99 until then.

Song of Memories will come to the Nintendo Switch on March 23, 2023. People can find it on the PS4 and PC now.

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