Snow Miku 2024 Website Opens

An official website for Snow Miku 2024 is now open, and the main key visual appeared. Because Snow Miku for 2024 looks kind of like a classic ryokan lady, the website’s loading animation looks like a pot. A lot of meals that you might eat in Hokkaido, such as ramen and hot pot, also decorate the background of the website. The main Snow Miku event will take place on February 10-11, 2024.

Illustrator Yu, who previously drew art for projects such as Pokemon cards, won the Snow Miku contest. Users are the ones who vote on the designs that they like, though you can still see the other participants via the Snow Miku website. Reruriri will produce Snow Miku 2024’s theme song, which will come out some time in the future.

As for main events for the upcoming year, the main stage will be at Wingbay Otaru on February 10-11, 2024. There will be various exhibitions, workshops, booths, merchandise corners, and a stage event. There will also be a snowman and a merchandise corner at the Sapporo Snow Festival, which will be from February 4 to 11, 2024. Finally, there will be a Snow Miku corner in Skytown in the New Chitose airport.

The theme song for Snow Miku 2024 will come out at a later date. The events will take place in Hokkaido in February 2024.

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