Slowpoke Pokemon Park to Open in Kagawa Prefecture

A Slowpoke Pokemon park will open up in mid-April 2023. You will be able to find it in Ayagawa, Kagawa in Japan. The actual name of the park is Sunshine Park Ayagawa, but Slowpoke Park will be its nickname. This is because there will be six playground play items around the park that look like Slowpoke. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

This is part of the My First Pokemon Project from The Pokemon Company. The point of this project is to create more connections between children and the Pokemon franchise. As part of this vision, The Pokemon Company has collaborated with Ayagawa in the Kagawa Prefecture to create Japan’s very first Slowpoke Park.

Slowpoke and the Kagawa Prefecture are practically inseparable. In fact, Slowpoke is the official ambassador Pokemon for the Kagawa Prefecture. You can find Slowpoke mailboxes, buses, taxis, and such all around the area. This is not only because the Japanese name for Slowpoke, “Yadon,” sounds like udon, which is what Kagawa is famous for. But a lot of Kagawa’s desserts are sweet, much like Slowpoke tails, and the Pokedex entry in Ultra Sun states that when a Slowpoke yawns, it rains. This is very important for Kagawa Prefecture, which historically has suffered from droughts.

The Slowpoke Park in Ayagawa, Kagawa will open up from mid-April 2023. Children will be able to play on Slowpoke-shaped playground toys after the city opens it up.

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