Silent Hill 2 Remake’s James Sunderland May Have Got a Makeover

Bloober Team might have reworked the facial features of Silent Hill 2 remake protagonist James Sunderland if a new Steam update is to be believed.

Silent Hill 2 Remake’s James Sunderland looking like his old self

The Steam page for the long-awaited (and much-critiqued) remake of a horror classic was recently updated with a new image of James Sunderland, who appears to have been given a subtle makeover that makes him look a lot more like the original model.

The previous look for James was one of many sources of criticism for the Silent Hill 2 remake, with concerns he looked far too emotive and, as one commenter on Reddit put it, ”world’s oldest younger man”.

The new design seems to be going down better, at least, and it’s possible that early trailers came from early development footage, so a change to James’ look had already happened. Bloober Team has, on several occasions, stated promotion of the game is in Konami’s hands, so we can’t be sure this change is the result of feedback on the previous design or not.

Mind you, any win for Bloober Team on Silent Hill 2 remake is a welcome one. The Polish developer’s involvement with the game has been a contentious point for Silent Hill fans, but it does have old hands Masahiro Ito and Akira Yamaoka heavily involved.

There’s a lot of talk about when the game will actually release, with talk that we’ll be getting a fresh update on it soon.

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