Silent Hill 2 Remake Release Date Revealed

The highly-anticipated Silent Hill 2 Remake from Bloober Team finally has a release date of October 8, 2024, as revealed at the May 2024 State Of Play.

Konami showcased a new trailer along with the release date ahead of its own solo Silent Hill event, where we can expect to get even more information on the coming remake. There have been a lot of questions around this remake for a long time. Silent Hill 2 is such an incredible classic and an iconic game, it’s both deserving of a remake, and also an entirely fraught thing to attempt.

It’s good to know we don’t have much longer to wait until those questions are answered. You can check out the new trailer below.

Silent Hill 2 was originally released for the PS2 back in 2001 and is widely regarded as one of the best survival horror games of all time. The game received a Director’s Cut for Xbox and PS2 the following year, and was included in the Silent Hill HD Collection in 2012.


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