Rumour. Hogwarts Legacy 2 is said to be in production

Since the weekend there is some good news from Avalanche Software. For one thing, there is a sale on Hogwarts Legacy until September 7. On the other hand, the indications that a sequel is in development are becoming more concrete.

Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software joined Potterheads in celebrating “Back to Hogwarts” on September 1. According to the books, this is the day when the witches and wizards of Hogwarts return to school. You can find out how this year’s fan event went on the (corresponding website) .
The publisher and developer also used this special day to launch a sale on Hogwarts Legacy. Until 7 September  the game is 30% off for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

However, this might not be the end of the fans’ joy. Already in May there had been a first hint that a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy might be in the works. As reported by the site (Insider Gaming) the (Twitter account MyTimetoShineHello) sources confirming work on the second part.

Sources confirmed that a Hogwarts Legacy sequel is in the works

– MyTimeToShineHello (@MyTimeToShineH) September 2, 2023

Normally, of course, such rumours are to be viewed with care. But the fact that insider Tom Henderson himself gives credence to this report makes one more than confident.

Clearly, Hogwarts Legacy is the most financially successful game of the year so far. So from Warner Bros. and Avalanche Software’s point of view, a sequel would make perfect sense.

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