RPG Maker Unite Release Date Set for April

It was revealed on March 1,2023 via a tweet on the RPG Maker Unite Twitter account that RPG Maker Unite release date will be April 6, 2023.  It will cost $90.90 on launch. It will only be available via the Unity Asset Store at launch, with a Steam version arriving later.

RPG Maker Unite is the newest iteration of the long-running RPG Maker franchise and runs on the Unity game engine. Key features of the game include being able to make maps via a title-based editing system and it being accessible to prospective game developers without a background in coding. Also new to this version of RPG Maker is the Outline Editor, which generates a flow chart that visualizes the story of a game.

RPG Maker began life in the 1990s, with several iterations of the concept coming to PC over a period of several years. The most notable was RPG Maker 95 and 2000, which came to America in the early 2000s with fan translations. These programs were used to make several games that would become well-known in the gaming community like Yume Nikki.  More recent versions of RPG Maker, like RPG Maker MZ and MV, have also been used to produce notable indie games such as Omori.

The RPG Maker Unite reelase date is April 6, 2023. It will be available via the Unity Asset Store. It will come to Steam at a later date.

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