Review: World Of Horror – One Of The Most Unique Roguelites On Switch

“I am a horror maniac who prefers to stay at home”.

These days, it feels like every other indie game released is a roguelite of some kind, and while there are a lot of good ideas brought to the table, the barrage of releases can feel like they start to blend together. Not so with World of Horror. This is a roguelite RPG styled after the basic adventure games of the early ‘80s, which means that it’s only a step or two away from being entirely text-based. This approach tends to work in its favor, and while World of Horror may seem archaic by modern standards, there’s a complex, difficult, and compelling game to explore here for those who stick with it.

A typical run will see you attempting to solve five self-contained ‘mysteries’ consecutively, surviving the trials of each one by managing your resources carefully, much like a survival horror. Each mystery only takes about ten minutes to complete, and the plotline is progressed by selecting various locales—such as a forest or a mansion—and investigating them, triggering random events that usually give you a choice of a few actions to take. Sometimes you’ll need a specific perk or skill from leveling up to select some of these options, but regardless of your choice, a stat check is pulled that’ll roll an invisible dice and determine success or failure based on the relevant stat.

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