Review: Persona 5 Tactica – Thrillingly Varied Turn-Based Strategy With Joker And Co.

As refreshing as a river in a dry land.

Never let it be said that Atlus is one to let its star franchises go untapped. It’s now been seven years since the Phantom Thieves were first introduced in Persona 5, and since then we’ve gotten an enhanced re-release of that game, a dungeon crawler, a rhythm game, a musou, an anime, a manga, and several crossovers with other franchises, such as Joker making an appearance as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. While we continue to wait for the inevitable unveiling of Persona 6, Atlus has decided to keep the spinoff train rolling right along with Persona 5 Tactica, a tactical RPG featuring the beloved cast in yet another new adventure. We’re happy to report that Persona 5 Tactica doesn’t feel like a half-hearted attempt to cash in on the Phantom Thieves once again — this is an engaging strategy game with plenty of cool ideas and fun moments.

Persona 5 Tactica picks up during the events of Persona 5, when the Phantom Thieves are hanging out in Café Leblanc and find themselves suddenly pulled into an alternate universe that might or might not be the Metaverse. Our daring heroes’ powers don’t work quite the same here, and they soon find themselves accosted by a crazed, powerful bride named Marie who commands a legion of Shadows. Marie rules over her domain with an iron fist, and she easily crushes the Phantom Thieves, kidnapping and brainwashing all but Joker and Morgana. These latter two are just about to be subdued themselves when they’re saved by Erina, a mysterious girl who leads a small resistance effort that Marie is hellbent on stamping out. The two thus team up with her and set out to reclaim their friends, hoping to defeat Marie and escape from this strange world.

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