Review: Mato Anomalies – Ambitious Detective RPG Is Overstuffed And Unengaging

Shanghai Surprise?

Arrowiz, the Shanghai-based development team behind 2021’s Hermitage: Strange Case Files, returns to Nintendo Switch with a determined attempt to replicate the general rhythm and vibe of Atlus’ all-conquering Persona series in the form of Mato Anomalies. This is an RPG that throws a whole bunch of ideas and gameplay mechanics at the player but, unfortunately, it all comes unstuck due to clunky writing, uninspiring combat mechanics and environmental design that quickly becomes repetitive.

Thrown into a neo-futuristic Shanghai cityscape pulled straight out of the likes of Blade Runner, players assume the role of two protagonists: Doe, a hard-boiled private detective who deals in out-thinking his adversaries, and Gram, his mysterious exorcist sidekick who gets to do all the fighting. Working as a team, the duo set out to investigate a series of strange anomalies affecting the city, bringing them face to face with demonic entities known as the Bane Tide.

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