Review: Little Goody Two Shoes – Cute, Compelling Horror With Some Frustrations

The Red Shoes.

Fairy tales are never really what they seem. Growing up, we’re all exposed to these moral stories – often based on fable and myth – which have been adapted multiple times and, in many cases, softened too, whether it’s through a beautifully drawn picture book or a sanitised Disney adaptation. But as you get older and more curious, you start to peel back the layers of these cutesy tales and often find more sinister origins lurking beneath

Little Goody Two Shoes is the embodiment of this notion. You play as Elise, a young girl whose grandmother has just passed away. Elise wants more in life – she wants to go from rags to riches, but she spends her days being a “little goody two shoes” by helping out the people of Kieferberg. But after meeting a new friend and finding a pair of red shoes in her back garden, Elise’s wish seems much closer than she ever dreamed. It’s a fascinating tale, one that works when it plays to its strengths, though some frustrations are holding it back.

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