Review: Herman Miller X Logitech G Vantum Gaming Chair – Is It Worth It?

No slouch.

There are certain pieces of advice we wish we could go back and give our early-20s selves. We’re talking practical, preventative health tips borne of life experience; things that could have saved us physical discomfort — if not downright pain — and put our now-30-something bodies in better stead for the decades ahead. Tips like ‘invest in an electric screwdriver!’, for instance. We ended up assembling an enormous amount of IKEA furniture in the last decade or so and would have saved ourselves a lot of time and hand, wrist, and arm strain by shelling out for a decent 18W Black+Decker years ago.

One such tip piece of advice we would give ourselves to save our aching back is to invest in a decent chair for work and play. Enter Herman Miller and Logitech G with their latest gaming offering, the Vantum. Following on from the Embody — the first collaboration between the companies to offer gamers a premium gaming chair (a $1,695 / £1410 premium, no less) — the Vantum is billed as their “first-ever performance chair made specifically for gamers”.

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