Review: Figment 2: Creed Valley – Charming Action Puzzling, But Sluggish On Switch

Sleep well.

In 2017, Bedtime Digital Games released Figment, a cute and dreamlike action puzzle game that aimed to be a little more ambitious and expansive than their debut release, Back to Bed. We enjoyed it, and evidently plenty of other people did, too, as the studio has now brought us Figment 2: Creed Valley. Though Figment 2 feels like more of the same, it nonetheless offers up an enjoyable and engaging puzzle experience that we feel is worth your time, although perhaps less so on Switch.

Figment 2 borrows from the playbook of Pixar’s Inside Out by placing you in a fictionalized world within an ordinary person’s mind, where various abstract concepts like compassion or opinions are represented by tangible objects and characters. The narrative primarily follows Dusty, the embodiment of the mind’s courage, and his bird friend, Piper, as they work to fix the moral compass of a father struggling to balance his family’s emotional needs with his own sense of what he should be prioritizing as a provider. Dusty and Piper must fend off evil Nightmares that threaten to upset the balance of this man’s mind, all while trying to make their way through the whimsical and sprawling land of the eponymous Creed Valley.

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