Review: Fashion Dreamer – Some Decent Dress-Up, But Lacks Style Savvy’s Depth

Flashy façade.

Fashion Dreamer, the newest release from the developer (Syn Sophia) of the cult classic Style Savvy games, garnered high expectations from fans hoping to find a spiritual successor to the series. While Fashion Dreamer is not technically part of the Style Savvy family (known as ‘Style Boutique’ in Europe), it offers fans of those DS and 3DS games an opportunity to take their fashion expertise to Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, Fashion Dreamer’s gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. At the beginning, we are welcomed into a virtual world called Eve, where we play as an influencer putting together outfits for NPCs and even other players if utilizing the online mode. The majority of the game is spent creating outfits, called ‘look-its,’ for characters that are spaced out across a small map, called a ‘cocoon.’ Each character wants their outfit to meet specific criteria, like featuring a certain color, including a clothing item such as a jacket, or having a particular vibe such as being “cool” or “unique.”

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