Review: Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur Prince – A Cute Zelda-Like Adventure That Lacks Fresh Ideas

Late bloomer.

In the first year of the Switch’s life, it was relatively common to see massive indie success stories from developers who managed to get their game on the eShop before the veritable torrent of new game releases — many of them excellent — flooded the store on a weekly basis. One of these titles was Blossom Tales, a cute action game that wasn’t even remotely shy about how heavily it was cribbing from the playbook of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. After the enormous and unexpected success of Blossom Tales saved the development team from having to shut down, work began on Blossom Tales 2, and we’re happy to report that this sophomore effort is every bit as enjoyable as the original — although it’s also just as derivative.

Here the narrative once again takes place as a ‘story within a story’, as an elderly man tells his two eager grandchildren a tale that features both of them as characters, with Lily, a brave warrior, living with her obnoxious brother in a fantasy land. The two start out participating in all sorts of fun at a nearby fair, but a petty sibling squabble causes Lily to wish that the evil Minotaur King would come and take her brother somewhere far away. Somehow, this causes the real Minotaur King to show up and do just that, which kicks off her quest across the land to reclaim her brother and defeat the evil king.

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