Return to Silent Hill: New info on the film revealed

Last year Konami announced the upcoming feature film Return to Silent Hill. Now there is new info on the film, revealing the plot, main actors and filming locations

Konami had revealed numerous new projects for the popular horror franchise in October last year. Among them was the feature film Return to Silent Hill. At the time, all we knew was that the director of the original film, Christophe Gans, would be helming the effort once again.

Now the site Filmportal reveals more details. According to the report, the upcoming horror film is based on Silent Hill 2 and accordingly tells the story of James Sunderland, who is searching for his wife Mary. To do so, he travels back to the town that gives it its name, which, however, has nothing in common with the holiday resort he remembers. The role of the protagonist is played by actor Jeremy Irvine.

Return to Silent Hill will, however, have some differences from the original. This can already be seen in the description, which talks about Mary Crane. In the video game, however, Mary has the double name of Shepherd-Sunderland.

In addition, James is said to have doubts as to whether he is not in the dark underworld of Jacob Crane. However, there is no one by that name in Silent Hill 2. It can therefore be assumed that Mary’s family history will be expanded to include a dark storyline.

We will probably find out what this is all about in the course of the next few months. By the way, those who live in Munich, Penzing, Nuremberg, Rossberg and near the Ammersee should keep their eyes open. A part of Return to Silent Hill is being filmed in these locations.

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