Resident Evil: Death Island Stampers Have Seal of Approval

Capcom is collaborating with Shachihata to produce stampers based on Resident Evil: Death Island. The product is open for pre-order until December 20, 2023.

There will be five variations. You can get stampers based on the image colors for Leon, Chris, Jill, Rebecca, or Claire. Each stamper will come in a special box that has the logo of the movie on the inside of the cover. There are two variations for each stamper, and you can get one with the character’s name on the side of the metallic body. There is also a version with the movie title instead of the character name.

These custom stampers are made-to-order, so you can actually use them for your signature if you want to. While stampers are more of a novelty item for those outside of Japan, they’re an essential part of life there. It essentially acts as your signature, and losing it will open you up to the threat of identity theft. While some companies and locations in Japan no longer need the customer’s seal, it’s still necessary if you want to open a bank account or buy a house.

Resident Evil: Death Island is available digitally and on Blu-Ray worldwide. The Resident Evil: Death Island stampers from Shachihata are available to pre-order until December 20, 2023. The collection will also ship sometime in late December 2023.

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