Resident Evil 4 Remake Treasury Sword Puzzle Solution Guide

The Treasury Sword Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake is found in the castle during Chapter 7. It can be one of the harder puzzles to solve in the game if you don’t know what to look for. Involving four murals and four related blades, you’ll have to know where each sword goes to tell the proper story and open the gate and the path further into the area. 

How to Solve The Treasury Sword Puzzle in RE4 Remake

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While traversing the castle, you’ll come to a locked path next to four stone murals in the Treasury. To solve this puzzle and open the path, you’ll need to place 4 replica swords in the correct positions on the nearby murals.

Treausruy Puzzle Sword Locations

Three of the murals already have swords, but they’re in the wrong positions. Take those swords off the murals. 

The fourth sword is behind the large gate to the left. To open that, shoot two of the signs in the back: one that has a bird and one that has a snake. Grab the sword from inside when the gate opens. 

Where to Put Each Sword

Now go back to the murals and look at the pictures to decide which sword belongs where. They each tell a story.

Iron Sword: The mural of a proud knight.
Golden Sword: The mural of the Squire being knighted.
Bloody Sword: The third mural, which signifies struggle and battle.
Rusty Sword: The fourth mural, signifying death and age. 

After putting in the last sword, the small gate opens and lets you go deeper into the castle.

And that’s how to solve the Tresury Sword Puzzle in RE4 Remake. If you’re looking for more information on Resident Evil 4 Remake, check out our dedicated page.

Featured image by GameSkinny.

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