Resident Evil 4 Gun Fanatic Trophy and Achievement Guide

It takes dedication to get the Gun Fanatic trophy and achievement in Resident Evil 4 remake. This challenge requires you to unlock all the weapons in the game and means you’ll need to complete RE4 remake multiple times under various conditions while doing a bit of exploration in out-of-the-way places. 

How to Get the Gun Fanatic Trophy and Achievement

You can earn Gun Fanatic by finding all 29 weapons in Resident Evil 4 remake. You don’t need to have them all at the same time — you just need to have used or purchased each weapon once.

You’ll find the complete list of RE4 weapons and how to acquire each one below. We’ve noted if they’re purchasable from the Merchant and their regular prices, or found in the game world.

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All Knives

Kitchen Knife: Found in the world.
Boot Knife: Found in the world.
Combat Knife: Starting weapon
Fighting Knife: Defeat Krauser
Primal Knife: Destroy all 16 Clockwork Castallans.

All Handguns

SG-09 R: Starting weapon
Punisher: Trade with the Merchant; 5 Spinels
Blacktail: Purchase from Merchant; 24,000 pesetas
Red9: Found at the Lake
Matilda: Trade with the Merchant; 10 Spinels 

All Magnums

Broken Butterfly: Purchase from Merchant; 38,000 pesetas
Killer7: Purchase from Merchant; 77,700 pesetas

 All Shotguns

W-870: Found on the top floor of the big house in the Chapter 1 Village
Riot Gun: Purchase from Merchant; 28,000 pesetas
Striker: Purchase from Merchant; 38,000 pesetas

All Rifles

SR M1903: Purchase from Merchant; 12,000 pesetas
Stingray: Purchase from Merchant; 30,000 pesetas
CQBR Assault Rifle: Found on the upper floor of the Library in Chapter 10, behind a door that requires the Cubic Device to unlock.

All Submachine Guns

TMP: Purchase from Merchant; 10,000 pesetas
LE 5: Found in a side room in the Freezer in Chapter 13, behind an electronic lock terminal puzzle.

All Grenades

Hand Grenade: Found in the world
Heavy Grenade: Found in the world
Flash Grenade: Found in the world

All Miscellaneous Weapons

Bolt Thrower: Purchase from Merchant; 10,000 pesetas
Rocket Launcher: Purchase from Merchant; 80,000 pesetas
Rocket Launcher (Special): Obtained during the final boss fight
Infinite Rocket Launcher: NG+ onlyPurchase from Merchant after a cleared run; 2,000,000 pesetas
Chicago Sweeper: Beat the game on Professional with an A rank (under 7 hours)
Handcannon: Beat the game on Professional without using bonus weapons on a brand-new game (no NG+)

Those are all the weapons you need to get to unlock the Gun Fanatic trophy and achievement in Resident Evil 4 Remake. For more achievement guides, puzzle pointers, tips, and more, including our guide to the game’s best weapons, visit the Gameskinny RE4 guides hub

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