Resident Evil 4 Demo: How to Find the TMP

With the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo releasing less than a week ago, players have discovered a hidden TMP located in the village. The TMP is a quick-firing submachine gun capable of blasting through Ganados with relative ease. After finding it and outlasting the horde of Ganados, you will have the gun in your inventory through every subsequent playthrough of the demo. Here’s how to get the TMP in the RE4 demo.

How to Find the TMP in the RE4 Demo 

If you’ve played the Resident Evil 4 demo normally and reached the village, you may have noticed a well next to the barn that’s sealed off and inaccessible. No amount of bullets or grenades will break the barrier. 

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To unseal the well, start a new playthrough of the demo and head into the lodge as usual. After encountering the first Ganado and roundhouse kicking him to the ground, pick up the key to open the locked door outside of the room you’re currently in. Head down the stairs to trigger the cutscene with the dead police officer. After the cutscene ends, head towards the stairs, and wait for the Ganado to come down and kill him. 

Now here’s the important part.

After killing the Ganado, open up your inventory and drop every single item. That includes your handgun, knife, and first aid spray. From this point on, don’t pick up any items you find until reaching the village. Head back up the stairs and into the upstairs room before jumping out the window. 

From here, start making your way toward the village, and don’t bother interacting with the Ganados along the path since you don’t have anything to fight them with. As you enter the village, sneakily loop to the right and make your way to the well to avoid attracting the attention of the Ganados. 

You’ll now notice that the well can be accessed. Head down the ladder to find a blue chest containing the TMP. Break the barrels next to the chest to find some SMG ammo, a hand grenade, and a kitchen knife. Head back up the ladder once you’re done. 

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The TMP Stays in Your Inventory

Your efforts haven’t gone to waste! After outlasting the Ganados and completing the demo, every new playthrough of the demo will start you off with the TMP in your inventory. Blast away!

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That covers how to find the TMP in the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo. If you’re looking for an even bigger challenge, there is also a hidden difficulty modifier called Mad Chainsaw Mode. Check out more of our tips on GameSkinny for the RE4 demo or for the upcoming full release on March 24.

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