PS5 System Update for April 2024 Released Along With Patch Notes

Sony has rolled out PS5 system software update 24.03-09.20.00 for April 2024, the patch notes for which detail new features. As previously explained, the console’s Game Help feature has been expanded and Remote Play has been improved, among other things.

PS5 system software update 24.03-09.20.00 patch notes (April 2024)

The update weighs a little over 1 GB. Complete patch notes are as follows:

Game Help has been expanded by adding Community Game Help features.

In Game Help, you will see hints labeled Community Game Help in supported games, which indicates that the hint was generated from other players’ gameplay videos.

You can participate in Community Game Help by allowing your gameplay video to be automatically captured and added to the feature upon review.
To opt in, go to Settings > Captures & Broadcasts > Captures > Auto Captures > Community Game Help, and then select Participate. You can also opt out at any time.

In Remote Play, if the persistent message “Remote Play connected.” is displayed during Remote Play, you can now hide this on your game screen. Go to Settings > System > Remote Play and turn on Hide Remote Play Connection Status.

We’ve improved system software performance and stability.

We’ve improved the messages and usability on some screens.

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