Persona 3 Reload Maya answers and Hermit Social Link guide

Part of what makes Persona games stand out in the sea of similar RPGs has to do with the social aspect of the game. Not only will you gain an advantage in the core gameplay of Persona, but you might even gain a friend. So let’s boot up our PC and take a look at Persona 3 Reload Maya answers and Hermit Social Link guide. All Maya Social Link answers in Persona 3 Reload Screenshot: PC Invasion As you hang out with Maya, choosing certain answers will reward you with bonus points. The following information will be every answer that will give you the maximum amount of points toward your Social Link rank. Keep in mind that after you spend time with Maya for the first time, you will need to have a Hermit Persona in your active Persona list. Related: Persona 3 Reload: Where to find Rose Bouquet With all that out the way, here are all the answers for Maya, the Hermit Social link, in Persona 3 Reload: RankAnswersRank 1AnyRank 21) – Of course.2) – Sunshine is…

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