Paranormasight Devs Hope That They Can Make a Sequel

In an interview between the developers of Paranormasight and Famitsu, the staff of Square Enix stated that they are doing its best to get approval for a sequel. The people at the interview are Takanari Ishiyama, who was the scenario writer and director of Paranormasight, and Kazuma Oushuu, who was the producer. Other questions in the interview revolved around the game’s development and whether or not there will be more merchandise. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Ishiyama stated that it’s not up to the staff as to whether or not there will be a sequel. While he doesn’t say anything too concrete, he does state that he and the staff are doing their best. He also stated that there is the chance that characters from the first game will return in the second. However, since Square Enix has not okayed a sequel, there was not a lot of concrete information in the interview.

Other pieces of information from the interview include some behind-the-scenes trivia ont he development. In the original concept of the game, there was going to be an Edo-hen. That would take the player back in time to when the Honjo incidents took place. However, it was impossible to get panorama images of the city during the Edo period, so this idea never made it into later drafts.

Paranormasight is readily available on the Nintendo Switch and the Windows PC. You can read our interview with the devs of Paranormasight here.

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