Overwatch 2: All Pop Culture Reference Sprays

Overwatch 2 is packed with pop culture references and sprays, enough so that it’s basically guaranteed there are some you’ll recognize at first glance. Some references aren’t so easy to point out, though, or maybe you just can’t put your finger on what they are. In this list, we’re going over all pop culture reference sprays you’ll see in Overwatch 2.

Sprays are character-specific cosmetic items you can use to tag various surfaces with in-game. Reddit user POGstream started to notice a pattern in some of the sprays and compiled a video showcasing 36 pop culture references between Overwatch and Overwatch 2. While that may seem like a lot, there are still more being added to the list. 

Every Pop Culture Reference Spray in Overwatch 2

Genji Spider-Man Pointing
Doomfist posing like Muhammad Ali
Echo recreating the “Is This a Pigeon” Meme
Kiriko relaxing like Lo-Fi Girl
Mercy as Elsa from Frozen
Kiriko Running Late
Zarya downing food like Goku
Ana seasoning like Salt Bae
Baptiste channeling his inner CSI: Miami
Echo posed as Ghost in the Shell
Baptiste in the Mario pose
Echo is the One quoting from The Matrix
Zarya’s We Can spray
Brigette Training 
Moira facepalming 
Baptiste channeling an angry Vegeta
Echo sending out a Tri-Beam
Roadhog’s Angry Birds Emoji
Wrecking Ball cosplaying as Hamtaro
Moira looking menacing like Evangelion
Echo shifting into Winston-like Animorphs 
Moira in pain like in Akira
Tracer skidding to a stop like in Akira
Torbjorn getting his cooking on like The Swedish Chef
Wrecking Ball a little frazzled like in Gurren Lagann
Wrecking Ball looking proud like in Gurren Lagann
Cassidy’s It’s High Noon spray is reminiscent of the poster for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
D.Va posing like AoA‘s Seolhyun
Torbjorn’s instructions channel Ikea 
Doomfist has an Iron Man landing
Bastion as Iron Giant
Soldier 76 cosplaying a toy soldier
Junker Queen practicing her Hamlet 
Doomfist as Ultraman
Soldier 76 reminiscent of Contra
Sigma recreating Vincent Van Goh’s Starry Night 
Ashe’s Full Metal Alchemist pose
Orisa’s Heroes spray brings to mind Star Wars
Genji’s Target Practice spray channels Naruto 
Doomfist’s Shoryuken move input

Those are all of the pop culture references in Overwatch 2. There is a wide variety of references in the sprays, with many of the titles pointing to their inspiration. For more on Overwatch 2, check out our guides page

Featured image via Blizzard.

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