One of the original Mass Effect writers is making a sci-fi near-future action-adventure

Former Dragon Age: Dreadwolf production director and veteran Mass Effect scribe Mac Walters has founded a new studio, Worlds Untold, with funding from NetEase. According to the official site, the studio will develop “triple-A action adventure games with an emphasis on narrative and worldbuilding”: its first project is a single-player-focussed, “near future action adventure game in a breathtaking world filled with mystery and exploration”.

Amongst other things, this reflects Walter’s desire to move away from the “space opera” RPGs he’s made in the past and develop a more linear, story-driven sci-fi game, whose universe might also host TV or novel adaptations. Which might not sound very appealing to BioWare diehards, but you can rest easy on one count: the game will have plenty of lore, though how it’s served up to the player is another question.

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