Nintendo To Reduce Switch Packaging By 20% To Combat Supply Issues

Packing ’em in.

As the gaming industry’s increasing popularity drives up the demand for consoles, manufacturers have struggled to keep up and are subsequently experiencing worldwide distribution issues due to a number of factors. We have been reporting on the semiconductor shortage for some time now, detailing Switch assembly issues and the company’s uncertainty concerning future Switch production numbers. Now, it seems like Nintendo is trying another tactic to reduce costs and keep up the shipment of consoles as best it can.

As reported by Nikkei (thanks, Next News Report), Nintendo will be reducing the size of its Switch packaging by 20% in order to increase the efficiency of its console transportation services. The reduction in packaging will allow Nintendo to make more of the available space when shipping and transporting Switch consoles worldwide, with retailers theoretically being able to fit more items on the shelves subject to supply.

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